Her Souls Beauty

I wrote a whole other post and it got erased I’m writing exactly what’s happening because I always want to be as honest as possible this feeling overcame me once I  realized I’d erased all my words and I feel it’s obvious I’m supposed to say something else I don’t know what it is exactly but here it is…….

Her Soul is beautiful

Her mind…maybe not

She has seen all things ugly

Forgiving, Forgave, Forgot


Is fuel to grow

Improving every way She can

For there are some

She must show

God Made Her

He made Her

He didn’t have to

But He did

and He made Her as resilient

as a rubbeband too!

She can Love all

And feel everything

It takes so much to understand

the inner Workings of Her

You Wonder how She bring all She brings

And She seemingly has nothing

She smiles at everything

and cries if you don’t

Makes Her seem sooooo crazy I know

But I promise she loves you

and She doesn’t know who you are

Her soul is pure…..

Her mind maybe not

but we will save That story

For another thought

Her Souls Beauty

Needs Her to achieve

to the world

What She already has in Her mind

To hold many hands….

TO save many lives

She would never regret a single thing

Only learning again and again

so She can teach

Everyone She may not reach

But She can only follow where He leads

He lead Her here

Thank You God

You Are So Amazing!!!